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Anyone who knows me finds out rather quickly that I have many opinions on programming and data science, and especially about how to do them well and avoid common pitfalls. If that sounds interesting to you, please check out the links either in the menu to the right (on large screen devices) or in the collapsible cell at the top of this page (under the main menu bar, on smaller devices).

I'll try to adhere to the following conventions throughout:

  • Monospaced text in this style, inline with regular text, is either a terminal/shell command, a snippet of code, or a filename.
  • Monospaced text in a grey block is either an extended code segment, an example of input and output in a terminal/shell, or the contents of a file. An example is:
def random_i_promise():
    return 42  # chosen at random, I swear
  • In these blocks, when I am giving an example of shell I/O, lines that start with a $ are inputs - you would type everything after the dollar sign. Other lines are what is returned by the program. In the example, you would type git --version and see the second line:
$ git --version
git version 2.28.0
  • If I have something to say as an aside that's noteworthy but not crucial to the main point of the post, it will be in a blue bubble like this:
This is interesting, but not critical.