COVID-19 Atmospheric Context Data

A project to collect and archive data to explain and give context to the atmospheric implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

A survey to find out what data would be most useful for atmospheric scientists.
A collection of databases that have non-atmospheric data that give context to the changes in the atmosphere that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use the first button to submit a dataset you found, and the second to see the list of datasets other people have submitted.
A collection of articles that give context to the atmospheric changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use the first button to submit an article you found, and the second to see the list of articles other people have submitted.

AutoWRFChem (Base)

A package written in a combination of Python and Bash that automates the configuration, compilation, input preparation, and execution of the WRF-Chem chemical transport model. Features include:
  • Necessary environmental variables are sourced automatically from a configuration file, meaning you no longer need to remember to set them or place them in a .bashrc file.
  • WRF and all the necessary input utilities (WPS, NEI emissions, MEGAN, MOZBC) can be compiled with a single command.
  • All the necessary inputs can be prepared with a single command.
  • During execution, the most recent restart file can be automatically identified and the model set to start from that file.

Matlab-Python Interface

A collection of Matlab functions that convert Matlab types in Python types and vice versa. This provides flexibility in converting Matlab arrays, cell arrays, and structures into corresponding Python types.

Bibliography Builder

A Python package that can assemble a .bib file from a directory of PDF files. It will attempt, for each PDF, to find the DOI number and retrieve the bibliographic entry. It also has a mechanism to update that .bib file if new PDFs are added without overwriting previous entries. A secondary function of this package is to convert .bib files to HTML representations; which is used to update the Publications page on this website.


A small C++ program that can launch parallel iterations of a program using MPI parallelization.

GLOBE Jeopardy

A customizable Jeopardy-like game that I built for a GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment) outreach event. It comes with two sets of trivia, and you can add your own.

Jeopardy game board
Example of a Jeopardy answer